Wellington Cafe Website Case Study

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Wellington Cafe Website Case Study


May 12, 2019


Curry Heaven



CurryHeaven is an indian restaurant located in Wellington, New Zealand. 

Earlier 2020 I was contacted by the owner of the restaurant to redesign his current website.  

After detailed study of the current website I came up with the following complication in the user experience:

  • The current CurryHeaven website starts from choosing the location of the restaurant and there is no option to change the location in the future except for going back in the navigation system of the browser.  
  • It was a bit difficult to look through the menu options of the restaurant and find the one you need.
  • In spite of the fact that CurryHeaven has been on the internet for a long time, the Google search did not show the website in the top search results.

One of the requirements also was to make the logo stand out on the home page. The first thing the client wanted the visitor to see on his website was the logo. 

To meet the logo requirements, I have decided to go with the trendy design feature by adding the video to the Hero area of the website and placing the logo on top of it. It gave the website the modern touch and user-friendly interface.

To make the navigation more intuitive through the website, I wanted to create an opportunity to see the location and working hours of the place without leaving the current page. To do this, I came up with the solution to design a line on top of the page. It would be static and display through all the pages, and it will minimize the number of clicks on the website.

To give more clarity and organization to the Restaurant Menu page, I divided it into two sections - dine-in and takeaway. Based on this, I organized menus into each section according to its content.

To increase the site’s position on the Google search, I added some extra information to the footer (like job positions in the restaurant, policies, loyalty information etc.)

Prototype https://projects.invisionapp.com/share/49X20QVD358#/screens/440058211

The design of the website has already been delivered to the client. The development phase of the project is awaiting to be started soon.