Quiz App Case Study

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Quiz App Case Study


May 12, 2019





My role in this project was to design the extension of the existing quiz game (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.quizcast_v1). The previous version required Chromecast connection only and the client wanted to extend the market to the pubs/restaurants visitors where they can play the quiz game anytime they wanted on their phone and win discounts or prizes from the pub/restaurants.

I was provided with the wireframes and the previous design. 

One of the requirements was to keep the old style as much as it possible.

As the client wanted to stay with the previous style, I started with developing a brand identity: the colour pallet, icon style, and typography. Thanks to this up-front work, I was able to create assets without having to wonder whether the colours work together. Using the same font as the previous version of the design helped me to keep the same style too.

During the design process I was closely working with the client on every page. To make our communication easier we were using the Marvel platform to create the prototype and share it with the other team members. 

Prototype: https://marvelapp.com/prototype/25hf680g.

Having completed the prototype, we had a chance to conduct a user research. It helped to find out that the design and the layout of the Home page are not clear to the user and too busy for the eye so that it requires some changes. 

As a result, the prototype of the app was finished and put in the development phase. The QuizCast app is expected to be aired earlier 2021.